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Illustration Mega-Bundle:

Every Procreate Brush You'll Ever Need For Drawing Dreamy Portraits 💕

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Drawing Dreamy Portraits Just Got So Much Easier

Drawing portraits can be tough. Having your tools work against you is even tougher!

So I’ve spent the last few months working like a mad scientist to put together the ultimate brush pack for you – complete with every brush you’ll ever need for your portraits!

My smooth inking brushes are perfect for finalizing your sketches. And you’ll find plenty of texture brushes for adding those dreamy little details to your work 💕

And to help you push your portraits to the next – I’ve also included over 100 stamps, patterns, gradients, and all sorts of other goodies you can use to effortlessly add details and personality to your illustrations!


Hundreds of Happy Customers

Here’s what some of them had to say:



The Charly inker is chefs kiss! And the smooth sketcher has become my second fave I use it all the time!! ❤️❤️ your brush pack has become a staple!



I’ve had lots of brushes that I loved beforem but can honestly say that Charly’s brush set, stamps, and patterns are now my favorites. Literally, a must have for me now! ❤️



I had an absolute blast creating this piece using Charly’s amazing new brush set! It has truly elevated my drawing experience to the next level.


Sketching & Inking Brushes

Get instant access to my two most requested brushes of all time, perfectly calibrated to help you draw dreamy portraits

Smooth Sketcher

This is my go-to for all rough sketches. Tilt your pencil to add shading to your sketches (just like a real pencil!)

Charly Inker

This versatile brush is perfect for inking and refining your rough sketches. Increase pressure to darken and bolden strokes.


Brushes For Every Stage of Your Portrait

Take a look at just 6 of the many brushes in this pack:

Butter Sketch

A buttery pencil with a ton of texture. Perfect for getting your first sketches and thumbnails down

Charly Outline

A crisp, smooth Monoline brush for effortlessly outlining shapes. This is the perfect brush for blocking out colours.

Smooth Sketcher

My go to for all my rough sketches. Tilt your pencil to add shading to your sketches (just like a real pencil)

Gritty Details

Create line-work with rough edges for a gritty, vintage feel. Great for small, organic details.

Light Freckles

A speckled brush for quickly adding freckles to your characters

Hair Strands

Add gorgeous details to your characters hair

...And Many, Many More!


Create Your Own Masterpiece

Take a look at some of the portraits made with these brushes:


More Than Just Brushes

Besides my Portraits Essentials brush-pack, this bundle also includes stamp brushes, seamless patterns, gradients, and other assets to easily jazz up your portraits and save hours of time

Drag the sliders!


Save Hours of Time

Spend less time struggling with your tools, more time creating beautiful art!

I absolutely adore these brushes - 10 out of 10! They have certainly helped in speeding up my process
Your pack is amazing! Thank you so much, it's really fun 🤩
Your pack is just perfect - high quality and so fluid, it puts my work in another universe 🪐 We're so lucky of what you're sharing with us


Got Questions?

I’ve got answers 👇

The Portrait Powerpack bundle is a collection of my favourite brushes and resources for creating portraits in Procreate. Effortlessly add details and personality to your characters with over 100 brushes to choose from! Each brush and stamp has been carefully crafted and optimised to give you the best drawing experience, so you can spend more time doing what you love – creating!

Perfect for beginners and Procreate lovers!

  • 15 texture and sketching brushes (portrait essentials)
  • 20 Seamless textile Patterns
  • 21 Portrait Accessories Stamps
  • 25 Eyebrow Stamps
  • 22 Sunglasses Stamps
  • 20 Groovy Gradients
  • 90 days of Portrait Prompts
  • Bonus: 3 mini tutorials on how to use the brushes (including a fun exercise sheet)

These brushes have been made for Procreate

Absolutely! 🥰 You may use all of the elements in this pack in any work you create – both personal as well as commercial.

However, please note that you may not re-sell or re-distribute any of these brushes.

All sales are final (no refunds) as it’s a digital product. But I put so much work into this brush pack, I just know you’re going to love it 🥰

Holla at me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


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15 Sketching & Texture Brushes

Rough sketchers, inkers, outliners, and texture brushes


25 Customizable Eyebrow Stamp Brushes

Give your portraits interesting expressions in two clicks!


21 Funky Earrings & Accessories

Jazz up your portraits and give them their unique style


22 Customizable Sunglass Stamp Brushes

A range of stylish sunglasses to make your character pop


20 Seamless Textile Patterns

Perfect for clothing, backgrounds, and adding interesting details


20 Groovy Gradients For Your Portraits

Add them to your backgrounds or to your character’s clothing

October Flash Sale - Save 83%!

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Total Value: $146

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312 Happy Customers
(And Counting!)

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