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Every Brush You'll Ever Need For Drawing Dreamy Portraits

With Procreate brushes for sketching, linework, coloring, adding details, and more – this is the pack I wish I had when I first started drawing!

Each brush and stamp has been carefully crafted and optimised to give you the best drawing experience, so you can spend more time doing what you love – creating.



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Learn how to effortlessly add dreamy details to your portraits in Procreate with the Portrait Powerpack 💕


15 Sketching & Texture Brushes

From rough sketch through to final details, this is a complete set of every brush you’ll ever need to paint striking portraits:

Charly Inker

A versatile brush, perfect for inking and refining your rough sketches. Increase pressure to darken and bolden strokes

Smooth Sketcher

My go to for all my rough sketches. Tilt your pencil to add shading to your sketches (just like a real pencil)

Charly Outline

A crisp, smooth Monoline brush for effortlessly outlining shapes. This is the perfect brush for blocking out colours.

Butter Sketch

A buttery pencil with a ton of texture. Perfect for getting your first sketches and thumbnails down

Dusty Blush

My favourite brush for giving my characters rosy cheeks! Layer up your brush strokes to increase intensity

Sketchy Sketcher

This sketchy brush will make all your sketches feel effortless. With just the right amount of texture.

Light Freckles

A speckled brush for quickly adding freckles to your characters

Scratchy Strands

A bristly brush, great for adding realistic looking hair strands to your portraits

Textured Strands

Perfect for drawing thinner wisps of hair

Hair Strands

Add gorgeous details to your characters hair

Textured Details

Pressure sensitive, this brush is my go for adding those all important details!

Gritty Details

Create line-work with rough edges for a gritty, vintage feel. Great for small, organic details.

Grunge Texture

Add this dense texture to backgrounds, shadows and hair. Tip: Play with the opacity for a less intense feel.

Retro Grain

A grainy brush to give your illustrations that retro vibe! Creates light, peppery sprays of paint.

Charly Texture

A slightly more dense version of Retro Grain – layer this brush up to vary your textures.


More Than Just Brushes

Besides my Portraits Essentials brush-pack, this bundle also includes stamp brushes, seamless patterns, gradients, and other assets to easily jazz up your portraits and save hours of time

Limited Time Portrait Party Deal - Save 30%!

Get The Entire Powerpack Today For Just



264 Happy Customers
(And Counting!)